十余年来,正格本着质朴、严谨、热诚、敬业的“匠人精神”研发产品、经营企业,以 “守正出新”为核心理念,“独创标格“为企业精神,汇聚一批由博物馆专家、陈列设计师、建筑设计师等专业人士组成的工作团队,借鉴国外先进工艺,大力投入自主研发,致力于根据客户需求设计并定制高端展柜,为博物馆、美术馆、纪念馆等文化场所、各类展览与私人收藏家,提供一流的藏品保护展示方案。





Standard exhibition was founded in 2004, is a professional cultural relics under research and development, design and production company.

For more than ten years, is in line with simple, rigorous, enthusiasm, dedication "spirit of craftsmen, business research and development, in order to keep is" new "as the core concept of" original model to imitate "as enterprise spirit, gathering a group of experts by the museum, on display designers, architects and other professionals of the work team, draw lessons from foreign advanced technology, vigorously into independent research and development, is committed to high-end cases to design and customize according to customer's requirements, for museum, art museum, memorial museum and other places of cultural, all kinds of exhibitions and private collectors, provide first-class collection show protection scheme.

Along the way, is always insists on regarding the quality of the material and craft, beautiful with unremitting pursuit, makes every effort to keep improving the product, set up cultural relic under new standard quality.